6 Breaths

19 March 2010 — 23 January 2011


6 Breaths is the second collaboration between Italian composer Ezio Bosso and Rafael Bonachela, set to a commissioned score by Ezio.

The work is divided into 6 sections. Each section starts with a solo piano mixed with the sound of life breathing, different lengths and themes, depending on the section. The main sections are played by 6 cellos and sometimes piano.

* First Breath (life breath)
* Out of Breath (breathless)
* Crying Breath (weeping)
* In the Same Breath (simultaneous)
* Under One’s Breath (whisper)
* Last Breath

“Seeing Ezio conduct First BreathCrying Breath and Under One’s Breath is the most beautiful and engaging pieces of dance I have ever seen….if you imagine the cellos being the lungs and Ezio making them breathe for the first time. He took my breath away.” – Rafael Bonachela

Performance History

Sydney Theatre
19 March – 10 April 2010

Sydney Festival, Parramatta Park
21 January 2011

Sydney Festival, International Regatta Centre Penrith
23 January 2011


Rafael Bonachela in collaboration with the dancers

Ezio Bosso

6 Breaths
Rafael Bonachela & Ezio Bosso

Video Art
Tim Richardson

Costume Design
Josh Goot

Lighting Design
Nick Schlieper


“The curtain-raiser, for six cellos and a piano, is a real beauty. 6 Breaths is an artfully abstract journey through the cycle of life but based upon breathing. Thoughtful, refined and musical…” – The London Times 

“The collaboration between Spanish-born choreographer Rafael Bonachela and eminent Italian composer and double bass maestro Ezio Bosso is a match made in heaven.” – The Stage, London.

“Rarely can music and movement have been so perfectly combined.” – The Stage, London