Peter Lenaerts


Peter Lenaerts is a Belgian sound artist active in the fields of performance, contemporary dance, & film. Lenaerts is fascinated by empty spaces and invisible or acousmatic sound. Sound that doesn’t scream for attention but sneaks into the listener’s ear unnoticed. Sound without ego, pure sound, with a focus on the medium rather than the maker.

Recent work includes Resonate (2021), a radio work for ABC RN, Non-Place (2019), a sound installation for the Hong Kong Arts Festival, and the soundtrack for Rhiannon Newton’s dance work Explicit Contents (2021) at the most recent Sydney Festival.

Apart from his own work, Peter has created the music or soundtrack for other choreographers and performance artists like Mette Ingvartsen, Andros Zinsbrowne, Salva Sanchis, Daniel Linehan, Eszter Salamon AO.

He strongly believes that in a culture dominated by visuals, nothing is as powerful, intense, and rewarding as simply listening.