Kenneth Kvarnstrom

Choreographer, Mercury

One of Europe’s most revered choreographers, Kenneth Kvarnstrom, made his Australian debut in 2009, applying the sensibilities of this beyond-cutting-edge-choreographer to the creation of a full length work for the Sydney Dance Company, Mercury at Sydney Theatre.

Finnish born Kenneth Kvarnstrom’s work is imbued with a bold and distinctive visual stamp as a result of his frequent collaborations with light and set designers of his choice; artists whose technical skills and personalities have combined to inspire the overall energy of his creations.

For several years the director of the Helsinki City Theatre Dance Company and of the esteemed Dansens Hus in Stockholm, where he presented the finest of international dance artists, Kvarnstrom has now returned to a career of creative diversity, reapplying his creative energies to his own K. Kvarnstrom & Co and making commissioned works for Gothenburg Ballet, Helsinki Dance Company and Finnish National Ballet. Defined by choreography which is at once powerful and dynamic, yet sensual and intimate, Kenneth Kvarnstrom’s work is both challenging and visually amazing.