Emily Amisano

Choreographer, yield, Contemporary Women

Emily graduated from the Queensland University of Technology in 1996 with an Associate Diploma in Dance. Over a 17-year career she has performed with Expressions Dance Company, Carte Blanche (Norway), Dansgroep Krisztina de Chatel (Netherlands), and Sydney Dance Company. She has worked with a hugely diverse range of choreographers both locally and internationally, including Rafael Bonachela, Kenneth Kvarnstrom, Adam Linder, Emanuel Gat, Stephen Page, Krisztina de Chatel, Jo Stromgren, Amanda Miller, Eva Cecilie Richardson, Natalie Weir and Maggi Sietsma.

In 2012 Emily created yield for Sydney Dance Company’s Contemporary Women program as part of the Sydney Opera House Spring Dance Festival. Other choreography includes bending the map for the Sydney Dance Company 2010 season New Breedlast best girl (2006) and incursion (2004) for Expressions Dance Company. She has also choreographed 3 short works for various Sydney Dance Company fundraisers/events.

Emily has worked with independent choreographers Anton and Clare Dyson, and collaborated with dancer Emma Strapps and video artist Tim Webster on if I am everywhere (2008). In 2010 she received multiple Dance Australia critic’s choice nominations and a Green Room award for her performance in Bonachela’s we unfold.

Emaily created and performed a solo work between dog and wolf in the iOU Dance 3 season at Carriageworks. In January 2014 Emily was appointed to Bangarra as Rehearsal Director.