Ayman Harper


Ayman Harper is a stager, choreographer, and educator committed to the performing and visual arts community.

As a former dancer and choreographer for NDT2, Hubbard Street Dance Chicago, and The Forsythe Company, he has collaborated with and performed works by some of the field’s most influential artists and thinkers.

Harper has always been driven to pursue his love of pedagogy alongside his performance and choreographic career. Through teaching and coaching, he has developed an approach to instruction that encourages non-violent communication and promotes the exploration of artistic sensibilities, both in theory and physical practice, while emphasizing the universality and accessibility of movement to all that wish to experience the moving body.
A 30-year veteran, he has performed in over 20 countries and taught for companies and universities across five continents.

In March 2020, he will be teaching William Forsythe’s N.N.N.N. to Sydney Company dancers for its Australian premiere in Season One.