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12 July 2018

Eight year old Georgina Evans dreams of becoming a Lyrical dancer and loves grooving to P!ink.

We caught up with her during lunch break while she was at the Ages 8 – 9 Contemporary and Lyrical Holiday Workshop at the Wharf to talk about her experiences in class.

When did you start dancing?

I started when I was four years old. I did Ballet and I’m starting to do grade work. Now I do Ballet, Jazz, and Tap. My favourite dance style is Lyrical. I like Lyrical because it tells students a happy story.

What do you love about dance?

If you start dancing you can just get better and better! It’s my dream to dance. I want to become a Lyrical dancer.

What music do you like dancing to?

I like dancing to P!nk!

Can you tell us what you’ve learned in class so far?

We’ve been learning how to improve your technique and we’ve been showing our parents different styles. We’ve been learning leg lifts – showing how you can do that with no arms. We’ve also been learning how to do a back bend.

What was your favourite thing about the Workshop?

I just feel it’s so amazing because you can show new moves and show the teachers what you’ve learned.

What’s special about Sydney Dance Company?

You can dance and show people real dance moves and enjoy your life!

Would you tell your friends about coming to Sydney Dance Company?


A few questions for Georgina’s mum Julia:

Why did you choose a Sydney Dance Company holiday workshop for Georgina? 

It’s something different to do over the holidays. She loves dancing and I was looking for a different activity. She came to the April School Holiday Workshops so this is her second time and she loves it.

Would you recommend the workshops to other parents?

Absolutely. I think the biggest thing is that it gives a different perspective on dance styles and teaching. Kids have where they go to do their lessons every week and it’s a set structure, and they come here, it’s very free flowing, and they learn different techniques, meet different people. I think that’s the thing Georgina loves the most.

Our Winter Holiday Workshops run until 20 July at our Wharf Studios, Parramatta and Bondi. Stay tuned for our Spring Holiday Workshops in September.


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