Virtual Studio Teacher Spotlight: Linda Gamblin


4 June 2020


Wendell Teodoro

“Educate yourself in how your body moves and why it moves. Know your limits as this is the only way to grow through your limitations… You are the sole guardian of this one body and it deserves your full attention.”

Sydney Dance Company and P.E. Nation have joined forces to shine a light on movement. The partnership profiles three incredible women with long standing relationships with Sydney Dance Company. This week we feature Linda Gamblin, Head of Training and Virtual Studio teacher. From The Royal Ballet London to the National Ballet Portugal, Linda has enjoyed an extensive professional career as a dancer and is a passionate dance educator. In her interview, she shares with us how dance drives and maintains her her positive approach to life, even during COVID-19.

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Q: You are such an accomplished dancer - what is your favourite dance to perform?

It was probably close to 25 years ago, but I would have to say Juliette, in Romeo and Juliette. It had everything; a story to portray, classical and contemporary movement and the expression of love in various forms. What I appreciate most now though would be contemporary dance because of the real-world issues that only contemporary dance can tackle in its authentic, realistic way.


Q. Who inspires you to dance?

All people from the non-dancer to the professional. I see a different groove in all people. This intrigues me the most. You can copy it, observe it and enjoy it. It is contagious.

Music and sound also inspire me, including soundscapes and rhythmical sounds like a hammer drill, car alarm or washing machine. Actually, now that I am working from home, I have a dance I do every time I hear the washing machine finish. It has a 3/4 (waltz like) alarm sound and I’ve created a little dance to it.

Q. Every dancer’s body is different - how do you look after yours?

I have a precept that I live by; feed yourself first, mentally, physically and emotionally. Think well. Eat well. Feel well.

Knowledge is everything. Educate yourself in how your body moves and why it moves. Know your limits as this is the only way to grow through your limitations. Fuel your body the good stuff. You are the sole guardian of this one body and it deserves your full attention.


Q. We have all had to adapt to the new norm and Sydney Dance Company has led the way with theVirtual Studio.. How have you found this transition?

Creatives have a way of making sense out of everything. I’d have to say Sydney Dance Company is full to the brim with creatives. The Virtual Studio world became our new norm swiftly and easefully. It has been truly enriching to witness the connection we are still able to make with our class participants. What I was most surprised about was being able to reach dancers from all over Australia, along with others who haven’t been able to attend classes at our studio because of time and travel.

Q. How do you fill the hours when you’re not working with Sydney Dance Company?

I have two teenage sons who have two glorious girlfriends, I have a husband and a very active kelpie. So, I’m kept very busy when I’m not working. It has been a special time in isolation with plenty of meaningful conversations, family band jams and a few TikTok dancing sessions.


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Q: Movement is so important for the body - how do you integrate this with the health of the mind?

A healthy mind will precede a healthy body and vice versa. It definitely goes hand in hand. In a dance class you’re not just working your body, you are working your mind and challenging your memory. You are consistently cultivating mind/body awareness. Dancing will take you away from your past and future worries and straight into the present moment of joy.


Q:It’s never too late to learn to dance - how would you encourage people to learn during COVID?

What a great time to start learning to dance. In your own home, no mirrors to judge yourself, no fellow dancers to compare yourself with, just a whole pile of skills and fun to be had. Come join Sydney Dance Company’s online classes. Try out different styles and discover your hidden talents.


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