Teachers’ tips for young dancers


27 June 2018

Ahead of our July School Holiday Workshops, we asked four of our teachers to share their tips for budding young dancers venturing onto the dance floor for the first time. Read below for their insights:

Anthony Bartley

Be ready to learn: Come dressed in something you are comfortable in. Wear your favourite sneakers or your favourite shirt so you feel cool. But most importantly, make sure you bring a happy and willing attitude.

Do not give up: You’re never perfect at something the first time you try it. These classes may be completely different to anything you have done before, so do not be disheartened if you don’t get it the first time. Pick yourself up and try again!

Ask questions: If you are having trouble or are even just curious, raise your hand and ask a question. I guarantee there is another person in the class with the same question. Be brave. We are here to learn!

Elysha Manik

Have fun: Remember that everyone is coming to the School Holiday Workshops for the same reason. It’s because we all love dancing. I know it can be intimidating with so many people in the room but just know everyone is in the same boat and you never know you may finish the day with a brand new friend.

Questions are always welcome: The teacher is always there to help you out. Never be too scared to ask the teacher a question or to go over any steps that you might find tricky. We want to help you as much as we can.

Always be courteous: This is not just to the teacher and Sydney Dance Company staff but also to your fellow classmates. I want everyone to get the most out of everyone of the classes they attend.

Stephen Perez

Confidence: When you’re in the dance class, there is no wrong choice. Confidence is the key to success and when you have self doubt, you won’t be able to shine.

Watch others around you: Feel the energy of the room and watch others, you will learn more watching others and getting inspired from other people’s energies.

Just enjoy it: Remember to always enjoy yourself. You dance because you love it!

Eli Crawford

Attitude: It is very important to bring an open and positive attitude to class. It can be a daunting situation taking a dance class, especially if it’s your first class but having a can do attitude is essential.

Personality: Be true to yourself and let your personality shine through! We embrace each other as individuals and encourage you to share your uniqueness with us.

Patience: Everyone learns at different paces so be patient with yourself. It can be easy to get frustrated in the learning process of dance but give yourself the time to allow the magic to unfold.


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