The thinking dancer


7 August 2014

Last month we had the opportunity to work with Riley Watts from The Forsythe Company. It has been such an insightful experience and his philosophies on ‘the thinking dancer’ gave us so much food for thought. He discussed with us the concept of thinking about thinking and why we do the things we do. There were many group discussions and debates which opened up many other questions. Being given the opportunity to have a voice gave us the chance to develop our selves individually and discover our own concepts and philosophies.

I now find myself constantly thinking and questioning and finding new ideas. I used to think I knew everything about dance but now I like to think I know nothing. Every day is like my first class. I am rediscovering my body and the way it moves and I’ve stated to challenge my thinking patterns, looking for new ways to look at and feel my body.

The ‘thinking dancer’ is something that we don’t traditionally learn when we are young developing dancers, however to become a dance artist I can now see just how important it is.

Sydney Dance Company’s Pre-Professional Year has opened up so many new avenues within my art form to consider. I feel enlightened and optimistic. It just goes to show how our mind set and our thoughts can impact on how we go about our whole lives.

Pre-Professional Year student Kristina Wallbank-Hutton

See our Pre-Professional Year in their graduation performance PPY14 Revealed this October. More info here.

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