The Creation of ‘Lux Tenebris’ (4 Part Video Series)


4 July 2016

Rafael Bonachela Lux Tenebris is an exploration of light and darkness, with fierce physical movement and deep electronic beats by composer Nick Wales. The work premiered in Sydney at the Roslyn Packer Theatre Walsh Bay in February 2016 as part of the double bill CounterMove.

We take a deeper look into the creation of Lux Tenebris through a four part video series featuring insights from choreographer Rafael Bonachela, Composer Nick Wales, and dancers Juliette Barton and David Mack. Click through the links below or above to view the short but exhilarating video explorations.

Part 1: Our World Without Dance, questions what our world is without the dancing light in the darkness. What is light without darkness? When does light become darkness, and darkness become light? Can one exists without the other? What is our world without the experiences of the harmonious balance of light and dark?

Part 2: Finding My Light In The Darkness, is dancer Juliette Barton’s journey for Lux Tenebris. The choreography demands that each dancer look within to find their own answers to the questions of light and darkness. In part three, we watch as Juliette dances her way from darkness into light. “If you are searching, you can now find me. I am the dancing light in the darkness.”

Part 3: Our World Without Sound, examines the sounds behind the music with composer Nick Wales. Contained within the score are elements such as recordings of Pluto’s atmosphere, Monks in Seoul, the sound of beehives, archaic Ethiopian religious processions and fireworks in Lismore. You can read more about the music of Lux Tenebris here.

Part 4: A World With Dance, follows dancer David Mack, as the Company emerges from the shadows to discover a world with light, colour and dance.

CounterMove is on tour across Australia in NSW, QLD, NT and WA from 17 June to 27 August.
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