Teachers’ Tips: Fitness and Flexibility


28 March 2017

Our final blog in the Teachers’ Tips series focuses on how to improve fitness and flexibility for dance. From hitting the gym to setting aside time to stretch, these tips will help you get the most out of your body in class.

Ramon Doringo, Jazz:

“Extra gym classes, training and exercises such as Extend Barre, Yoga, Pilates and Stretch classes. Most of all good diet, sleep and rest. Drink lots of water.”

Chris Mifsud, Contemporary/Lyrical:

“Improved fitness and flexibility is achieved through persistence and effort. I highly recommend Yoga/Stretch classes as well as Ballet, Contemporary and Jazz for strength, stamina and endurance.”

James Deane, Hip Hop:

“Simple – take more dance classes! Spend 10 minutes every day after dance class stretching.”

Andrea Briody, Ballet:

“Flexibility might be helped along by attending one of the yoga or stretch classes. For increased fitness choose one of the high energy classes such as Zumba, Jazz, or Hip Hop or JFH.”

Dale Pope, Lyrical:

“Uphill power walks and dedicated 30-minute stretch sessions in your lounge room three to four times a week will see your body respond well in a cardio-based class and perform movement with lengthened muscles in a lyrical class. Balance of strength and flexibility is key! ‘Fitness is almost more important to a dancer than dance itself.’ This quote from the Victorian College of the Arts, circa 1990s, hung on my wall for years and inspires still to this day.”

Emma Hawthorne, Contemporary:

“Pilates is wonderful for core strength and injury prevention. Yoga is wonderful for working strength and flexibility simultaneously and teaches you to connect your breath with movement. Cardio training is great for endurance.”

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