Teacher Spotlight: Victor Zarallo


4 February 2021


Pedro Greig

Former Company dancer Victor Zarallo is seizing the year of 2021 and taking his teaching to new heights. He is leading the first ever 16-week Ballet Foundation Semester at our newly refurbished Wharf Studios. Prior to his career at Sydney Dance Company, Victor was a Soloist with Scottish Ballet. We sat down with him for a chat before his 16-week course began and discover what he has in store for newcomers and the ballet-curious.

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Q. What can attendees expect in your Ballet Foundation Semester?

Understanding what’s going on through your body during a ballet class can be quite overwhelming. Normally we will copy before understanding and that’s a very normal process. What I’m interested and more passionate about is the challenge of attendees finishing class and feeling that they learnt something new and that it will stay physically and mentally with them.

Currently, I’m studying for a Post-Graduate Teacher Certificate with the Royal Academy of Dance, and the key element of the course is ‘how to think critically in a dance studio’. This gives me a sound theoretical background, and combined with my decades of performance knowledge, it will provide for an all-encompassing learning experience for my students.

I believe there’s always so much more you can achieve from each dance class and from my experience the best way to achieve this is through positivity and encouragement. Positivity should always be the first step to success.

Q. How is this course different to taking classes at a traditional ballet school?

Just going to the new Studios at the Wharf is a breathtaking and must-do experience. I focus on a relaxed environment for learning and there will not be any pressure for you to achieve a certain level. You will develop at your own pace.

I will also use some of my childhood songs and music I grew up with, as the body reacts better when there is a familiar sound.


Q. What is the number one reason why people should do this course?

Because we only live once!

Q. What are three things you are inspired by or are interested in at the moment?

At the moment family, Mia (my fiancée) and Pepe (our labrador puppy) are my main points of inspiration. Being so far away from my home of Barcelona, the ability to face-time my family every day is very inspiring for me and it’s something I value very much at the moment. Being able to share my day-to-day life with Mia is just so rewarding and fascinating. Seeing Pepe grow up and building that beautiful trust between man and dog is wonderful.

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