Learn ballet & how to condition your body with Jacopo Grabar in the Virtual Studio


18 June 2020


Pedro Greig

This week we feature Company dancer and Virtual Studio teacher, Jacopo Grabar. As an athletic child participating in an endless array of sports, Jacopo never thought he’d enter the world of dance. It was with the encouragement of his mother that he discovered Latin Ballroom dancing when he was eight and he hasn’t stopped dancing. Find out more about Jacopo and what it’s been like for him teaching in the Virtual Studio.

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Q. Tell us about yourself. How long have you been dancing for?

I have been dancing since I was eight years old, and professionally for almost nine years. Before joining Sydney Dance Company, I worked for a number of dance companies in Italy, Germany and Poland. As a kid, I used to dance in my room, in the garden – pretty much everywhere, but I was too shy to join a dance class. I thought ballet was ‘for girls’. My mum convinced me to try a ballroom class, where there were as many boys as girls! Since then, I haven’t stopped dancing.

Q. As a Company dancer, what does it feel like to teach in the Virtual Studio?

It has been absolutely great to jump on board as a teacher in the Virtual Studio. Although I had some teaching experience in the past, it had been many years since I last taught a class. It has been amazing to explore teaching again, and I was surprised with how much you can achieve through this new online platform. I have wonderful students. I remember their faces and names and I can see their improvements each week! It makes me so happy and proud.



Q. What tips do you have for people taking your Body Conditioning and Ballet classes?

For Body Conditioning, grab a bottle of water, roll out your yoga mat or towel and get ready to sweat! For Ballet, all you need is an open mind, a chair or home studio barre, and a smile on your face. I love when my attendees ask me questions when something isn’t clear. After all, the benefit of having me there with them in a live-stream class is that I can give them corrections and explain the exercises again if needed.

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Q. How have you adapted to working from home?

Apart from moving my furniture around before each class? Working from home has definitely changed the way I plan my day. Having more flexibility allows me to play around with my daily schedule and find the right time and space to get everything done and ultimately be more productive!


Q.What are three things you are inspired by or are interested in at the moment?

For those who don’t know, I am studying a Bachelor of Communication. During isolation, I switched from part-time to full-time and that is definitely keeping me inspired (and busy).

Another activity that I always find soothing and inspiring is baking. All you have to do is play some nice music, get lost in the process and enjoy a slice of whatever you baked afterwards! I can’t think of anything more appealing at the moment.

Lastly, I find the practice of meditation to be really helpful in these times. Taking a step back, to breathe and reconsider our priorities and what we are grateful for is something we often forget to do.

Journey towards sensational Italian cooking and and learn from Jacopo and his mother in Italy, how to make your own authentic Italian pizza.

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