Pre-hab Interview with Company Dancer Nelson Earl


23 March 2017
How long have you been completing your pre-hab program?

I have been completing my pre-hab program since the beginning of this year when it was prescribed for me.

Did you know about pre-hab and its benefits prior to beginning these sessions?

I did in fact know about pre-hab and its many benefits but Ashlea and Dr Lawrence gave me a thorough discussion about its prevention of injuries.

Do you find the scheduled daily pre-hab time beneficial?

I found that having a designated time for prehab exercises gave me a perfect window of opportunity to get ahead and on top of any niggles or potential injuries.

Can you give us a breakdown or some examples of what your specific pre-hab session looks like?

Here is what a week of my pre-hab program looks like:
Doming – Narrow through east and west, maintain space between 1st and 2nd toes
Press Down – Maintain length in each toe during press down
1st MTP – Slide big toe across, do not lift big toe off the ground
Medial Gast – Maintain length in heel during ball of foot pressure
Crawl – Keep toes long and toe nails always visible
Aerobic – Work up a sweat

Because I had a sprain in the capsule ligament of my big toe in my right foot last season, I spent a lot of time rehabbing that injury by doing exercises that mobilised and strengthened the surrounding intrinsic muscles in my feet. Now in my pre-hab my aim is to stay on top of that injury by doing preventative exercises.

Looking ahead, how do you think your pre-hab will serve you throughout the year?

I think that continuing the pre-hab program will be really successful! Our daily schedule is jam packed but it’s important to find the time to complete all of the exercises necessary for the improvement of our muscular strength and endurance. It will serve us very well throughout the year to continue our prescribed pre-hab routines. The less injuries the better!

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See Nelson perform in our upcoming double-bill, Orb, on 29 April – 27 May.


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