Pre-Professional Year: Reflections on Israel Aloni and Lee Brummer by Laura Vlasic


9 June 2017

“The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct; acting from inner necessity” – C.G. Jung

Experimenting and constantly exploring were heavily focused on throughout the three weeks spent with Israel and Lee. They made a point to remind us that we are ultimately just people, before we are dancers. The human species value preservation which makes us efficient but somewhat lazy.

We started off introducing a thought, which initiated an action and therefore a reaction. This order of movement prevented any externalisation and resulted in us committing to the true incentive of the intention.

We imagined there were horizontal plates between the joints of our body and played with how they influenced each other. This helped us understand which part of our movements was superior, inferior and interior.

A high level of consciousness was required throughout the three weeks as well as physical demand, as we challenged to exceed our range of movement.

It was a new experience to be given the responsibility to create collaboratively. Israel and Lee gave us so much knowledge and trust, which I think is why it was so rewarding.


Laura Vlasic is a 2017 Pre-Professional Year dancer. The students worked with Israel Aloni and Lee Brummer in their first term of the course. Find out more about our Pre-Professional Year course here.

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