PPY dancer Lillian Grant on discovering her own movement


20 August 2018

PPY 2018 dancer Lillian Grant shares her insights on collaborating with choreographers and making the choice to continue dancing and learning in PPY for a second year:

“I’ve been offered so many resources, people to collaborate with, and chances to know what I prefer and don’t prefer. I’ve been offered many opportunities to learn about myself, emotionally and mentally, on top of the physical exploration to find my own groove and incisive technique. I’ve found choices after never before having had the option of choice, learning how to absorb and construct and sometimes disregard. I have a choice as an artist and a human, and I’m only just beginning to really discover this.

I’ve discovered throughout my first year, that choreographers are looking for a true sense of self, they want you to be you. Of course, they require a strong technical dancer to work with but they want to see what you and your body have to offer – a non-apologetic you, knowing when enough is enough and a voice to express this. They want you to collaborate and expand on their ideas, working together with them so that their vision works hand in hand with your movement. They want you to workshop the heck out of anything that comes your way and allow yourself to add your own flavour. I’ve discovered having an authentic voice is knowing that pleasing is different than working hard and intelligently. I am completing another year in PPY so that I can find myself, in soul, in artistry in movement and as a creator.”

Lillian Grant will complete a second year with Sydney Dance Company and gain her Advanced Diploma of Dance (Elite Performance) through an auspice arrangement with Australian Teachers of Dancing Limited (RTO 31624).

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