Pre-Professional Year: Cultivating a Beginner’s Mind


13 July 2017


Before I began the Pre-Professional Year course, I wasn’t expecting to be so immersed in not only the physical aspects of moving but also the mental and emotional practices. This holistic approach has opened my mind to the endless possibilities that come with authentic movement. I can’t imagine dancing any other way.

Simply being the best dancer is no longer my goal. The dancer who brings authentic movement, artistry and life experience into their work has already won.

I have discovered that I am a beginner in dance and in life. Cultivating a beginner’s mind means I can continue to grow and learn within the art form, bringing a sense of freedom and curiosity to my work. As an artist I have no reason to get bored or lack ideas because the possibilities in a beginner’s mind are endless.


Brielle de Thomasis is a 2017 Pre-Professional Year dancer. PPY is proudly supported by Lexus Australia. Find out more about our Pre-Professional Year coursehere.

Applications are now open to audition for Pre-Professional Year 2018. Find out more here.

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