Where are they now??


15 August 2014

Two years ago we had a great photo shoot with our teachers and students, creating images to use for our Open Dance Class Program with our photographer Peter Greig. The time has really flown by but…….

Where are they now??

Jackie Lloyd (centre in the purple top) returned to LA and has recently been offered a contract with Rihanna for her tour. Congratulations Jackie!

Eli Crawford (pale blue top) was offered a contract with the Moulin Rouge in Paris, France and has been living there for the last 2 years.

Adelaide Seeney (red leotard) got married last year and continues to be a glamorous showgirl on the Sydney Showboat as well as studying at Uni and teaching at Sydney Dance Company.

Kim Taylor (left front in the burgundy top) moved to LA to pursue her dancing career and has recently become engaged to her gorgeous ‘Stuntman’ boyfriend.

Sarah Bakker (green leotard) joined the cast of Wicked and is still touring with the show.

Heath Keating (right front in blue top) is currently touring nationally with Grease The Musical.

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