Where are they now: 2014 PPY Student Daniel Russell


12 August 2015

Over two months ago now, I set off on a plane, with New York City as the final destination. I recently completed the Professional Semester at Broadway Dance Centre on scholarship.Since I’ve been in New York I’ve been auditioning, and actually landed my very first audition here in the city. I took my place at the back of the room so as not to disrespect all of the veterans in the room. A few beats into the choreography the choreographer stopped everyone, pulled me forward, and exclaimed that ‘I was the only one listening to what he was saying, and executing the movement authentically!’

I couldn’t help but think of Course Director Linda Gamblin and my time in Sydney Dance Company’s Pre-Professional Year, when we invested so much time into working with authentic movement.

I find it funny how any day while I’m living here in New York City I may just wake up and suddenly a phrase one of the Pre-Professional Year choreographers, teachers or facilitators had said months and months ago suddenly just ‘clicks’ and makes sense to me. Incredible! The Pre-Professional Year really shouldn’t be advertised as a one-year course, I now know first hand it truly offers so many lifelong learnings!

– 2014 Pre-Professional Year Student Daniel Russell

Applications for our 2016 Pre-Professional Year close on 13 August.

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