Meet new Company dancer Alex Borg


25 January 2019

2019 Company dancer Alex Borg, a graduate of the Pre-Professional Program, spoke to us about how he started his dance journey, what inspires him and what he’s most looking forward to at the Company.


Q. How old were you when you started dancing and what sparked your interest in dance?

I started dancing at the age of seven. I participated in a jazz funk class on Saturday mornings. What sparked my interest in dance actually was the High School Musical movies! I used to dance in front of the television and try and learn all the choreography.

Alex Borg aged 13. Photo by David Hoffman.

Q. What are your top three songs on your music playlist at the moment?

My top 3 songs change all the time! But if I were to choose my top three artists they’d be Lana Del Rey, Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift!


Q. What inspires you?

What inspires me is music, travel and people. I listen to music daily and sometimes it’s even just two words of a song that sparks inspiration, an idea or a concept. I also love to travel, so visiting another country and seeing how people live, work and enjoy life can also spark inspiration. People are also another important aspect of inspiration. Especially the dancers in the Company who I surround myself with everyday – their work ethic, drive and focus inspires me to continuously grow not only as a dancer, but as a person.

Q. Do you have a backstage ritual before a performance?

Music is definitely something I use as a ritual before a performance. Whatever music mood I’m in, I usually put my headphones on while I warm up and just enable myself to get in the zone, relax and focus.

Q. What are you most looking forward to at Sydney Dance Company?

What I’m most looking forward to at Sydney Dance Company is being surrounded by people everyday who love doing exactly what I love doing. Being able to perform, tour nationally and internationally, learning and creating new works and experiencing what life is like to be a professional working dancer.

Work with Alex Borg at the upcoming 2020 Professional Intensive in Sydney, March 23 – 27.

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