New Breed Choreographer Spotlight: Holly Doyle


14 November 2018

Sydney Dance Company dancer and choreographer Holly Doyle is one of the four female dance makers taking the helm for this year’sNew Breed. Her new work Out, Damned Spot! investigates the ritualised practices of cleansing, driven by an electronic soundtrack by Dane Yates.

Ahead of Holly’s New Breed debut, we spoke to her about the choreographic process and what audiences can expect from the performance.


Q. What is the inspiration behind your work for New Breed?

The ritualistic, repetitive and cathartic practice of cleansing. What does it mean to be unclean and how can we experience ritual transformation and liberation?

Q. Do you normally work with dancers? Tell us more about your experience.

Yes, I always work with dancers. I had strong jazz training as a young dancer and I’ve previously created jazz works. This will be my professional debut for contemporary dance based choreography.

Q. How would you describe your choreographic style?

I love to place my attention on the close connection between music and movement. For me, if these two elements align, it feels right. My choreographic style is also rhythmic, eccentric, and has a jazz influence. I love to focus on stage craft and how dancers can seamlessly shift between groupings through intricate patterns and formations.

Q. How would you describe the music for your piece?

The music is an original score by Dane Yates. This electronic score is very textured and dense and mimics the journey of the dancers. It’s dark and hypnotic at times, and falls into pulsating electronic rhythms with an ethereal tone.

Q. What can audiences expect from your piece?

Breath, quirkiness, fast pacing, group connections and pulsating with the beat. The dancers have a strong dialogue with the music throughout the work. The score takes a demanding journey and the dancers are driven by its build in intensity.

Q. What has been your career highlight so far?

As a choreographer, this season of New Breed is definitely the front runner. As a dancer, working with Alexander Ekman has been one of the most enriching moments for me. His work has vibrance, musicality, humour and wit, and entertains me like no other. Also, working with Jacopo Godani has been crucial in understanding my body as a dancer and the endless possibilities and pathways that can be explored to perform very descriptive and intelligent movement.

Q. What do you love most about contemporary dance?

The freedom. There are no specifications or guidelines to follow and you are welcome to express anything that interests you.

New Breed was performed at Carriageworks from 29th November – 8th December. 
Tickets for New Breed 2019 are on sale now

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