New Breed Choreographer Spotlight: Fiona Jopp


4 December 2015

Fiona Jopp is one of the four exciting choreographers that have created new pieces forNew Breed (8 – 13 Dec) at Carriageworks. Her piece, entitled so much doesn’t matter, is choreographed for six dancers, set to an original score by Alicia Merz and Tobias Merz

What can audiences expect from your piece?
So much, doesn’t matter. Don’t come with expectations! My piece is not too serious, but hopefully it might make you think about whats really important.

How would you describe your choreographic style?
Because this is my first work, I am still discovering what my style might be. I can’t wait to develop it with time and hopefully more choreographic experiences. I have been inspired and influenced by all the choreographers i’ve worked with over my career, I guess i’m finding my expression through my experiences with them.

What was your inspiration?
My inspiration for this piece is the song Greensleeves. I was interested in it’s popularity, longevity and it’s the tune for Mr Whippy.

What has been your career highlight so far?
I have had so many wonderful and lucky experiences over my career, but for sure choreographing for New Breed has absolutely been my highlight. I’ve learned so much, it’s been tremendously enriching, exciting and terrifying!

What do you love most about contemporary dance?
I love the versatility of contemporary dance. It can be beautiful, thought provoking, entertaining, settling, energising, frustrating. It is an art form that is relatively free from boundaries and encourages makers and audiences to continue to be contemporary in their thinking.
New Breed
8 – 13 December

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