Moves of Interplay – Dancer Jessica Thompson


25 February 2014

Each week we take you behind the scenes and through the moves of Interplay.

Jacopo Godani’s Raw Models:

Set to a commissioned score by German electro acoustic music duo, 48nord, Jacopo Godani describes his work Raw Models as ‘the result of a small war declared against our alter-egos, the ones that live inside our minds but do not reflect our real core, the ones that have been given life and have been shaped by everyone else’s principles and ideas.’

Its premiere season in 2011 enthralled audiences with its gripping, edgy feel – ‘Godani shook the audience by the shoulders, threw them back in their seats and left them wanting more’ (Dance Australia).

In the studio, dancer Jessica Thompson worked with our resident multimedia artist Peter Greig to capture a series of images, taking inspiration from Jacopo’s work. Jessica says that this one captures the ‘over extended lines and a fierce gaze’ – qualities present in the work.

Interplay features choreography by Rafael Bonachela, Jacopo Godani and Gideon Obarzanek. Showing at Sydney Theatre (15 March – 5 April), Canberra Theatre Centre (10-12 April) and Southbank Theatre, Melbourne (30 April – 10 May).

Image of dancer Jessica Thompson by Peter Greig

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