Moves of Interplay – Dancer Janessa Dufty


28 March 2014

Each week we take you behind the scenes and through the moves of Interplay.

Dancer Janessa Dufty: “”In this image I’m drawing from my creative process that was developed during the early stages of Rafael’s work. I drew inspiration from the music of JS Bach that violinist Veronique Serret plays in 2 in D Minor. When I was working with Peter Greig during the photo shoot I decided to improvise with my own qualities of movement. Working together we captured some beautiful images which were further enhanced by the lighting of the shoot. This shot was taken during the end of the day and I think it captures layers of emotion and the mood of my day.”

Interplay features choreography by  Rafael BonachelaJacopo Godani  and GideonObarzanek. Showing at Sydney Theatre until 5 April, Canberra Theatre Centre (10 – 12 April) and Southbank Theatre, Melbourne (30 April – 10 May).

Image of dancer Janessa Dufty by Peter Greig

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