Moves of Interplay – Dancer David Mack


18 February 2014

Each week, we will take you behind the scenes and through the moves of Interplay

Rafael started with a very open creative development process for his work 2 in D Minor, bringing many options to the studio and asking the dancers what they wanted to work with to create a movement sequence. He brought in a book with paintings by Picasso, poetry by Pablo Neruda and some Tarot cards. He also asked the dancers to bring in something they wanted to think about. The dancers made a decision that took them on many different paths to get the whole process started.

Dancer David Mack: “I used a series of images of my son painting his own body as a template for my movement. Trying to capture his concentration and sheer abandon as he follows the lead of the paintbrush and paint.”

The result – every dancer had a unique phrase from something they had made where Rafael could then work with them to develop the sequence.

Interplay features choreography by Rafael Bonachela, Jacopo Godani andGideon Obarzanek. Showing at Sydney Theatre (15 March – 5 April), Canberra Theatre Centre (10-12 April) and Southbank Theatre, Melbourne (30 April – 10 May).

Image of dancer David Mack by Peter Greig

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