Member Spotlight: Lexie Bucholtz


17 November 2017

Next week is Members Week at the studio! To celebrate, we’re profiling Lexie Bucholtz, one of our amazing members who squeezes in dance classes around her full-time job at Time Out.

When/how did you start dancing?

I feel like I’ve been dancing on and off for as long as I can remember. As a kid, my sisters and I loved physical culture dance, we would compete around the city most weekends (8yr old me did not love the fake tan). Being the youngest of three girls meant that whatever my sisters did, I had to do too. They loved dancing, so I loved dancing!

After that, I took up performance dancing in the Blue Mountains. Focusing on having a good time and being social after school, I did contemporary, lyrical, jazz, tap and acrobatics classes. Until the end of school, I would perform and compete with my dance team across Sydney. We tried not to take things too seriously!

Why do you dance? Who/what inspires you?

Dance time is my time. I’ve always felt at peace when I’m dancing. No matter what my trouble of the day is, as soon as the music starts, the next steps are all that matters. It’s almost like living out a dream. When I dance, I pretend I’m on stage and the spotlight is on. Why not?! 

Dancing also allows me to take on different characters and experiment with my showmanship. I can be whoever the song needs me to be. That’s exciting!

In terms of inspiration, everytime I see a new musical, I’m always in awe of the cast. Musical theatre performers are the triple threat and I just don’t know how they do it. On top of that, they make everything look so effortless! In another lifetime, I’d love to be on stage and be at that level of excellence – if only!

Narrowing it down to one person, I can’t go past Gene Kelly. The man was flawless

What classes do you attend?

I love that my membership allows me to experiment with as many classes as I like. I’m taking full advantage of that and learning what suits me, challenges me and what I can’t miss each week – it really is fantastic!

When I was younger, I thought that lyrical and contemporary were made for my 6ft height. These days, I’m obsessed with jazz and theatre jazz. Very different, but more in line with my energy and music tastes.

Favourite teachers and dance styles?

Theatre jazz is my new favourite. I can’t seem to get enough! Theatre jazz classes have the perfect mix of cardio, rhythm and character. They are such playful and energetic classes. One week we might dance to the Chicago soundtrack and the next week it could be Cats or even Smash. The variety is excellent!

I really love learning from Kristian Crowe and Louie George. Although they are both quite different in their teaching styles, it is clear that their passion for dance, performance and technique is so much a part of who they are – they ooze a love of dance! Like the dancers on stage, they both make every move look natural and effortless. I’m pretty much in awe of them. More than that, in their classes I feel inspired and fearless. They both encourage me to push myself and be better each week.

What’s one piece of advice or correction from a teacher you always try to apply to your dancing?

When Louie George is not telling us to bend our knees, he is committed to ensuring that we “really dance it”. Louie’s advice highlights the importance of passion in dance. If you are just doing the moves and not putting your everything, or your touch into them, there is no point! Louie wants us to feel and believe in what we are doing. That is the difference between following counts and dancing. A very simple truth, but vital nonetheless.

Best place to eat or get coffee after class?

That’s a tricky one! Working at Time Out has opened my eyes to so many hidden gems across the city. Nothing is more relaxing than exploring and finding a new cafe after class. Recently I’ve been walking over to Barangaroo (only a 10min walk from Sydney Dance Company) and trying a few cafes there. Last week I visited Shirt Bar for the first time. Their coffee is tasty!

What do you do outside the studio?

Outside of the studio, I am part of the Time Out Sydney team. Working across the Time Out arts and culture commercial portfolio, I have been exposed to a lot of the city’s cultural experiences. I’m very lucky! When I’m not at work or Sydney Dance Company, I’ll try to see a play, visit a gallery or enjoy a quiet drink at a new small bar. What can I say, I love Sydney’s cultural scene. There is so much on offer!

Members Week runs from Mon 20 – Sun 26 Nov. Members can bring three friends to class for free. Bring three friends to the same class, or bring a friend to three different classes – it’s up to you!

There’s still to become a member for as little as $50 a week!

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