Member Spotlight: Kingsley Ho


31 July 2019

This month, we profile our talented Dance Class Member Kingsley Ho.

Kingsley started dancing this year and regularly attends our Hip Hop, JFH, Jazz/Jazz Workout and Latin Funk Workout classes.

We spoke to him about what he loves about dance, his favourite teachers and what he gets up to outside of class.

Q. When and how did you start dancing?

I only started dancing this year. I was always interested in Hip Hop. A friend of mine mentioned she did a class at Sydney Dance Company so I decided to give it a try. I’ve always done fitness classes at the gym but it never sustained my interest (although I did it for years). So I finally did a Hip Hop class and was hooked.

Q. Why do you dance?

It’s a great form of mindfulness. For the whole session you are fully present in the moment as the choreography is complex so you don’t think of anything else. Also, it’s great for flexibility. I did yoga for years but I’m finding dancing more suited to me as a form of meditation.

Q. What classes do you attend at Sydney Dance Company?

I am currently doing Hip HopJFHJazz/Jazz Workout and the Latin Funk Workout. I am trying to improve my skills and I find this mix is great to expand my dance knowledge and dance fitness.

Q. What is your favourite dance style?

Definitely Hip Hop. It is totally unpretentious and it taps into my internal groove, which constantly needs improvement. It is also challenging and gives you such a buzz when you finally get a groove or the choreography.

Q. Who is your favourite teacher at Sydney Dance Company?

Equally between Michel Beirouthy for his fluidity and complexity in dance, James Deane for his strong and sophisticated grooves, and Ramon Doringo as he is so fun and expressive.

Q. What is your favourite music to groove to?

Definitely 90s Hip Hop.

Q. What do you enjoy most about classes at Sydney Dance Company?

The teachers are fantastic as they are a wealth of knowledge and patience. The studios, as they are open and full of light, and the students, as they are friendly and genuinely passionate about dance.

Q. What is the best piece of advice you’ve received from a teacher at Sydney Dance Company?

Bend your knees and shift your weight according to what is required.

Q. What do you do outside of class?

I am a really active person. I go to the gym, ride my bike, and play in an electronic music band. I love eating at restaurants and finding special places that serve good food or coffee. I read books and am really interested in politics. I have a lovely family I enjoy spending time with.

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