Member Spotlight: Egid Minac


21 February 2018

This month, we profile one of our talented students, Egid Minac. A former professional dancer, Egid regularly attends our Ballet classes and dabbles in choreography in his spare time.

We talked to him about his introduction to the dance world, the spontaneity of performance, and what he has planned for the future.


What did you enjoy about the Special Rehearsal event you attended at Sydney Dance Company last week?

I love seeing the process of a production. In rehearsals, there are no costumes, no lighting and no pressure to make a mistake. I also really enjoy seeing a piece from a different perspective. My favourite place to watch is from the side stage, especially because you get to see the difference between what happens on and off stage. I love witnessing the moment when a dancer steps off stage and you suddenly see the full physical toll of the performance. I remember my ex-colleague falling to the floor and breaking down into tears in the wings after performing a very emotional solo.

When and how did you start dancing?

I did my first ballet class when I was nine. My mum talked me into it because I wasn’t able to play other sports due to my asthma. I really enjoyed it and my teacher told me I was very talented and I continued to dance for three more months . However, I moved to Australia with my family and didn’t dance again until I was almost 15. After a very inspiring private class with Sergiu Pobereznic I decided dance was what I wanted to do with my life.

What do you love about dance?

What I love most about dance is the fact that everything on stage only happens once. A performance is a magical moment that can never be repeated; it’s unique to the audience.

What classes do you attend at Sydney Dance Company Studios?

I try to attend all the ballet classes I can from Levels One to Three.

Favourite teacher and dance style?

Every one of the ballet teachers have their own style of class and humour but my personal favourite is Andrea Briody. My favourite style of dance is contemporary – the kind where you throw yourself all over the place and can’t walk for the next three days but still feel really good after.

What’s one piece of advice or correction from a teacher that you always try to apply to your dancing?

The corrections “right shoulder down” and “ribs!” have haunted me for nearly 11 years.

What do you do outside the studio?

Since I stopped dancing professionally three and a half years ago I’ve been choreographing. I’m about to start film school, which I’m really excited about. I’m really looking forward to creating projects with what I already know and what I’ll learn in the future.

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