Learning Project Rameau


13 October 2014

Pre-Professional Year student Phillipa Mills recaps on her time learning excerpts from Rafael Bonachela’s Project Rameau for the graduation performance PPY14 Revealed.

The time has come for the Sydney Dance Company Pre-Professional Year to learn the intricate, meticulous and mind-boggling work, Project Rameau, choreographed by Rafael Bonachela and originally performed by Sydney Dance Company. Company dancers Todd Sutherland and Alana Sargent and former Dance Director Amy Hollingsworth took us under their wings to teach us the choreography. Amy worked us hard and with determination to get Project Rameau looking its best for our graduation showcase PPY14 Revealed, while inspiring us with her ridiculous dance talent and expansive knowledge of every detail of every person’s role in the piece.

Learning company repertoire is very exciting for us in the Pre-Professional Year as we get to perform roles that the people who have inspired us to dance have performed. It also gives us a chance to see how much we have grown as dancers over the past year as we move towards the dawn of a professional career as dancers.

– Pre-Professional Student Phillipa Mills.

Rehearsal photography in gallery by Phillipa Mills.

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