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21 February 2020


Laura Wong

Ten-year-old Luca has attended six school holiday workshops in the last 2 years. He loves and admires the teachers’ smooth hip hop style and enjoys the music they dance to in the Boys Only Hip Hop Workshop.

We sat down with him to talk about what he learned in his most recent workshop and what he loves about dance!


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Q. How did you first come across dance workshops at Sydney Dance Company?

My step mum asked me, “How about you go to a dance class?” At first I didn’t want to, but as soon as I walked through the door, I really enjoyed it.

Q. Is this the first time you’ve tried dance?

I danced this year and last year. This is the sixth time I’ve done these workshops. I started a month after I turned ten.

Q. What is your favourite style of dance?

I have to say Hip Hop is my favourite because it’s very energetic and you move around a lot.

Q. Is there someone in Hip Hop culture that inspires you?

The dance teacher James (Deane) because I like what he does. I’ve taken workshops with him before too.

Q. What do you love about dancing?

It’s very energetic and healthy. Instead of saying something you can express your emotions without talking.

Q. What have you learnt so far in this workshop?

A lot of stuff. To begin with in Hip Hop, you have to move to the beat and always think of what you want to do next. And don’t think about what other people are doing!

Q. What did you do in the workshops today that you enjoyed the most?

Probably the free style games and free style circles. I liked learning the routine too because you can keep practising and you’ll know what to do in the end.

Q. The free styling session looked amazing. Can you describe what the free styling circle is to us?

Well, the free style circle is when James plays a specific song and one person goes into the circle and they dance to that song. You have to make sure you follow that beat and stay in position. Then the next person goes in and when they want to get out, the next person goes. And it goes around in a circle.

Q. What would you tell your friends about coming to a Sydney Dance Company workshop?

I would say it’s a very fun and amazing course, for beginners or people who have danced before and they want to try out again. It’s an amazing experience and I really liked it. It’s amazing!


Sydney Dance Company is aCreative Kids provider which enables parents, guardians and carers to claim a $100 voucher to put towards the cost of the workshops.
Apply for your Creative Kids voucher here Enrol in your chosen workshop and send a copy of your Creative Kids voucher to [email protected] Once we have processed the voucher we will contact you to arrange up to a $100 refund.
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