Kidz Blog with Sarah Goff-Tunks


7 February 2018

Sarah recently completed our 12-13 years Contemporary and Lyrical extended workshop as part of our school holiday program. In addition to learning contemporary and lyrical choreography, Sarah and the other students explored creative task work and improvisation exercises that the Sydney Dance Company use when creating their original work.

We had a little chat to her at the end of class.



When did you start dancing?

I started dancing when I was just 3 years old at home. I liked watching ballet DVD’s and wouldn’t stop dancing around the house, trying out all the moves. My Mum eventually decided it was time to start some lessons.

What do you love about dance?

Dancing is one of my favourite things to do. I love the freedom that comes from expressing myself to the music and how it feels when I learn a new move, and the enjoyment you get when dancing with a group.

What’s special about Sydney Dance Company?

The techniques you get to learn, like the improvisation lessons we did this time which were really challenging and made me think a lot about how to interpret the music and then how to do the same thing with other people. I also really like the friends you get to make, people I probably wouldn’t get to meet unless I came here.

Tell us about the sessions you did on Improvisation and Task Work?

We got to really use our bodies to express ourselves, find different ways of moving and work with each other. It was great fun, we laughed a lot, but I also learned ways of working with other people and working out together how to perform a task.

What was your favourite thing about the workshop?

The techniques and different styles I got to learn. I love all kinds of different styles of dancing, coming to this workshop meant I learned skills that I can take to all different styles of dance.

What would you tell your friends about coming to Sydney Dance Company?

They should definitley come, it’s a great learning experience for any dancer and it’s lots of fun!

A few questions for Michelle, Sarah’s mum.

Why did you choose a Sydney Dance Company workshop for Sarah?

Learning from professional instructors gives my daughter a chance to extend her knowledge and experience.

What did Sarah learn from the workshop?

Every day she learnt new moves, learnt about moving in the space, making use of her body and what body part should lead when going in different directions.

Would you recommend our workshops to other parents? Why?

Definitely – yes. I think any child that loves dance who wants to learn and grow should attend, it’s definitely a great workshop.

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