Josephine Weise on her time in Pre-Professional Year 2014


6 August 2019

With Pre-Professional Year (PPY) 2020 applications now open, we caught up with PPY alumna and former Company dancer Josephine Weise. Read about her experiences in the course, the audition process and what she’s up to now

Q. Can you describe your experience of auditioning for Sydney Dance Company’s Pre-Professional Year?

I actually sent in a video application as I was attending other auditions on the same day in QLD. I remember getting a call from Linda Gamblin when she told me I successfully gained a position and that she thought I would benefit greatly from the course.


Q. What does an average day look like for a Pre-Professional Year dancer?

Each 9am-4pm day is deliciously packed and structured in a way to nurture yet challenge you, expand your understanding of the mind/body power and refine your physicality. It starts with a morning conditioning class for an hour and a half (either ballet/contemporary/yoga/pilates). Then the rest of the day would consist of rehearsals, study or workshops with mentors, dancers, choreographers and makers from a variety of creative backgrounds.

Josephine in PPY14 Revealed. Photo by Pedro Greig.

Q. What was the most important thing you learned during the program?

To apply a beginner’s mind to each day and to keep open to new possibilities and challenging ideas/concepts.


Q. Do you have any advice for someone wanting to audition for Pre-Professional Year 2020?

You’re representing so much more of yourself than just the dancer- showing who you are as a person as well as your physical ability is just as important in an audition. Other factors such as teamwork skills, nature, body/spacial/emotional awareness, communication skills, creativity and versatility, resilience and perseverance are being considered too.

Josephie in rehearsals for ‘ab [intra]’. Photo by Pedro Greig.

Q. How has PPY impacted your life since finishing the program?

It’s given me the tools and the network I need to enter confidently into the professional industry and the opportunity to understand myself better by providing a safe environment to challenge my identity and perceptions. The family of support established by Linda I feel, is ongoing and ever present, which is truly special to have such a passionate and dedicated mentor like that.



Q. What are you up to now?

After one year as a Trainee and another three years as a Company member with Sydney Dance Company, I’m now working with Expressions Dance Company in Brisbane with director Amy Hollingsworth. Although this transition from Sydney Dance Company to Expressions is new, it has a familiar connection. Amy was my rehearsal director when I toured with Sydney Dance Company as a Trainee during my Pre-Professional Year so it’s a rather lovely and welcoming coincidence to be working together again.

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