Georgie Bailey: PPY dancer to ab [intra] understudy


15 June 2018

Pre-Professional Year dancer Georgie Bailey is getting ready to join the Company as a trainee for the Darwin and Perth tour of ab [intra]. Read Georgie’s thoughts on the role of an understudy.

“Currently in my second year with Sydney Dance Company’s Pre-Professional Year, I was asked to understudy for Rafael Bonachela in his choreographic development of ab [intra]. To say the least it was surreal, but very exciting.

Invited in to understudy multiple roles with the Company dancers was both daunting and nerve racking. It was important to make sure I learnt as much as possible quickly, and even more importantly, to feel as comfortable as possible with the choreography. When I was not needed to fill in for someone during a rehearsal run, I found myself absorbing from the sidelines. Learning as much as I could from the Company dancers’ artistry and skills.

Understudies are a critical part of a dance company to ensure that the show must go on. Sometimes being an understudy feels as though you are invisible in the studio. It’s a long day and you’re working on your own most of the time. Asking for help can feel really daunting. Getting in there, taking the job seriously and working to my fullest was the only way to feel confident with the choreography. Not knowing when you might get that call to go on stage to fill in for someone at the very last minute, kept me on my toes remembering every detail.

Being involved in the process and watching the performance each night during the Sydney season makes me feel a sense of pride to be associated with this production.

I will take all these invaluable skills and lessons back with me into the Pre-Professional Year studio and continue to build and discover myself further. I am very excited and nervous to be heading off on the ab [intra] National Tour!”

Congratulations and safe travels Georgie!

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