Disparate worlds colliding in PPY19 Revealed


6 December 2019

In the lead up to PPY19 Revealed – the graduation performance of Pre-Professional Year 2019 – dancers Reina Takeuchi and Opal Russell share insights into their experiences working with choreographers Idan Cohen, Leah Marojevic, Vicki Van Hout and Company dancer Juliette Barton.

PPY19 Revealed opens Wednesday 11 December at Carriageworks.

A baroque journey through the underworld ruled by clowns, jokers and nightwalkers.

Swiping vipers in the dark, clawing their way to the light.

Something mysterious.
And some legs.

An ‘80s utopia that is at once nostalgic and dreamy, somewhere between an opera and a
rave party.
With a Stranger Things palette.

Guts, guns and a beast in a bikini. Dancing to show Everywhere Dreaming is infinite and ever present.

Dances that are connected to ancestral histories – traversing time and space.

Dances that are respect shown publicly.

Different worlds colliding, entwining and interconnecting.

Gradually revealed.

PPY19 Revealed is powered by four works, inclusive of everything contemporary: disparate worlds colliding, slowly becoming entwined through creative process, rehearsal, workshopping and constant re-thinking and re-articulating. In rehearsals, each day is always about finding new points of discovery in our dancing, scores and tasks from this season’s choreographers Idan Cohen, Leah Marojević and Vicki Van Hout. Finding new levels of scorching intensity in Sydney Dance Company repertoire Lux Tenebris. Falling into holes of improvisation and crawling out of them, finding small pockets to burrow into and emerge from, changed and transformed. Knowing that busting into song and turning the lights down for a session of “no lights, no lycra” is a form of investigation, rehearsal and workshopping.

What do these works mean to us? How do these dances carry importance and significance? By performing them, how do we represent respect shown publicly? Gradually revealed, our performances mark the end of one journey for each of us, leading onto fresh and new beginnings.

Written by Opal Russell & Reina Takeuchi

Pre-Professional Year dancer Opal Russell

Don’t miss PPY19 Revealed at Carriageworks from 11 – 13 December.

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