Diary of a Dancer with Juliette Barton


16 March 2018

Ever wondered what a day in the life of a Company dancer is like? We asked Sydney Dance Company dancer Juliette Barton to give us a glimpse behind the curtain.

What’s your morning routine before you arrive at the studio?

I like to sit on my little balcony at home, watch the world go by as I wake up and have a coffee and a decent breaky. After getting the bus to work it’s up to the gym to work on anything that’s in need of attention for my body in order the get me warm and ready to get through the day.

What does a typical morning in the studio involve?

We always begin with a technique class first thing in the morning, alternating between contemporary and ballet, followed by a 15 minute break and the first two and a half hour rehearsal block for the day. That rehearsal may involve various things, ranging from a run through of one of the many works in our current repertoire to creating new work for an upcoming season.

What’s on the menu for lunch? Do you have snacks during the day?

I like to keep it interesting and have something different for lunch each day, but usually involves some sort of protein, and some carbs. If I had to suggest one of the best options for good energy and nutrition, I’d say brown rice, avocado and some protein like chicken or boiled eggs.

I definitely snack during the day, usually nuts, fruit and chocolate are my go to for a quick energy boost.

After lunch what does your schedule include?

After lunch it’s back in the studio. We’ll work through from 2:30 to 6 pm with a fifteen minute break. Once again, what we work on will vary, but most days are guaranteed to be highly physical and involve plenty of sweating, dancing and brainwork, especially during creation as we work with complex counts and spacial patterns.

How does your work day usually end?

Quick cool down, shower and run for the bus.

How do you relax after work or on the weekends?

During summer I’ll get to the beach as often as possible. The salt water and sunny skies do wonders for relaxation. In winter it could be a long breakfast at a cafe on the weekend, or a leisurely stroll around the neighbourhood.

What would you like to do every day but often don’t have the time?

Wake up slowly and spend longer at home before heading out the door to work.

What’s one thing you do every day no matter what?

Floss my teeth.

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