Dancer Origins


11 October 2017

Discover the stories behind the artists who perform on the Sydney Dance Company stage through four short films. Each dancer brings their story, their identity to every performance.

See where their journey has taken them.

Dancer Origins Ep 1: How we Started To Dance
From first lessons to first performances, from the family kitchen to fledgling stage appearances, our dancers share their early memories of dance and what lead them to take up the artform.

Dancer Origins Ep 2: A Transformative Moment
Each dancer had a ‘wow’ moment when first developing a connection with the wonder, challenge and beauty of dance. Our dancers share their stories.

Dancer Origins Ep 3: Auditions for Sydney Dance Company
A heady mix of emotion, auditions are a rollercoaster for everyone. Our dancers share their experiences auditioning for the company and receiving the news that they were successful.

Dancer Origins Ep 4: Performance Highlights
Company dancers explore the motivation and inspiration Sydney Dance Company provides, from opportunities to collaborate, learn and grow, to being part of an art form that brings joy to performers and audience alike.

See them perform live in 2 One Another – must close Sat 14 Oct.

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