Meet new Company dancer Dimitri Kleioris


11 March 2019

From performing the lead role in An American in Paris on Broadway (US), to Death in Venice with Opera Australia, and appearing as a series regular in the US TV series, Flesh & Bone and in the film High Strung: Free Dance, Company dancer Dimitri shares his dance inspiration.

Q. How old were you when you started dancing and what first sparked your interest in dance?

I was two when I first started dancing. Whenever there was music I was grooving and doing cartwheels.

Dimitri (right) rehearsing for Melanie Lane’s WOOF. Photo by Pedro Greig.


Q. What attracted you to joining Sydney Dance Company?

I saw the Company performing ab [intra] last year and was blown away.

Q. What inspires you and where do you normally look to for inspiration?

Music is a huge inspiration to me. I am constantly surprised by the power it has to shape us.

In the studio rehearsing Gabrielle Nankivell’s Neon Aether. Photo by Pedro Greig.


Q. What are the top three albums on your playlist at the moment?

Ólafur Arnalds – re:member
Blood Orange – Negro Swan
Lily Allen – No Shame

Q. What advice would you give your younger self?

Keep dreaming big and don’t forget to enjoy what you are doing today. Everything seems easier in hindsight!

Feature image by Jade Young.

See Dimitri Kleioris perform in Sydney Dance Company’s 50th Anniversary triple bill, Bonachela / Nankivell / Lane from 26 March in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne & on National Tour across Australia. 

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