What the critics have been saying about Frame of Mind


16 March 2015

Here’s what the critics have said about Frame of Mind:

‘★★★★…Bonachela’s Frame of Mind delivers an emotionally engaging and overarching choreographic mastery…electric’ – Daily Review

‘★★★★…an ensemble of technically blessed young dynamos.’ – Herald Sun

‘★★★★ 1/2′ – The Age

‘★★★★…a potent blend of technique, daring and playfulness.’ – Sydney Morning Herald

‘★★★★…danced crisply and flawlessly…it is passionate yet highly precise, demanding and often breath-stealing.’ – The Guardian

‘★★★★ 1/2…Quintett radiates the sheer joy of movement but is also tender, angry and sad. It’s sublime.’ – Sunday Telegraph

‘Quintett could be seen again and again without exhausting its possibilities… And to see it danced as it was on Monday night, well, Sydney is blessed.’ – The Australian

‘…contemporary dance at its purest’ – Daily Telegraph

‘I suggest you get out and see it if it comes to a city near you. These dancers are really something.’ – Dance Australia

‘An astonishing double bill of powerful, personal and poetic dance.’ – Limelight Magazine

‘I’m resetting the bar by which I measure arts experiences, and I’m placing at the highest level the masterful genius of William Forsythe, creator ofQuintettQuintett is a hurricane of ideas, interactions and expressions…dance that is at once exhilarating and desolate, unbearably tender and heartbreakingly furious.’ –Limelight Magazine

‘thrilling viewing…moments of truly monumental impact…quite simply, breathtaking’ – Limelight Magazine

‘performed with speed, grace and sensitivity’ – Sydney Morning Herald

‘With Gavin Bryar’s simple, gradually evolving orchestration, this hypnotic music drives the dancers just as it, almost inexplicably, nearly drives us to tears.’ – Daily Review

‘an exhilarating evening of highly physical dance’ – The Conversation

‘Sydney Dance Company is a versatile and beautifully-schooled group of performers. Its opening program for 2015 was emotionally driven and passionately and powerfully danced. An outstanding evening of dance.’ –DanceTabs
‘Wow, the emotional charge of that song by Gavin Bryars! And the strings and cello worked fantastically well with Frame of Mind too. I’ve been a long-time fan of Rafael Bonachela’s work, and I’m always amazed how his choreographies seem to redefine how human bodies interact with each other. Each movement is utterly precise, full of purpose, and yet exudes poetry and delicacy. I also really love how the dancers seem strong and fragile at the same time…’ – Audience Member, Sydney

‘Exquisite human semiquavers in Sydney Dance Co’s Frame of Mind. Enjoyed great performance on Thursday. All best for tour.’ – Audience member via Twitter, Sydney

‘Frame of Mind combines the visceral thrill of extreme physicality with underlying emotion.’ – Audience member via Twitter, Sydney

‘Still thinking about Forsythe’s Quintett. May never stop thinking about Quintett. Sydney Dance Company blew my mind & broke my heart.’ – Audience member via Twitter, Sydney

Photo by Peter Greig.

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