#6: Love 201 (1971)


14 March 2019

Music is the animating force behind dance, the pulse, the propulsion, the heartbeat. Over its 50 years, Sydney Dance Company has commissioned 38 bespoke scores to match the daring and audacity of its movement.

The very first went to Peter Sculthorpe in 1971 for the work Love 201, which he composed with the iconic and magnificently bearded Australian rock band Tully.

In very seventies fashion, Love 201 premiered at Canberra’s Aquarius Festival, alongside Daddy Cool, voodoo psychedelic act Jeff Krozier’s Indian Medicine Magik Show, and a self-professed wizard from Monash University. Sculthorpe would remember it as one of his best scores, and nearly 50 years later it’s still is regarded as an astounding feat, “both elegant and jarring, serene and chaotic.”

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