#50: Our Audiences


19 December 2019

If you saw Ballet in a Nutshell in the late 1960s, or the Athletes & Dancers or Dance Company of NSW in the 1970s, you were witnessing the seeds of what would become the Sydney Dance Company of today.

If you were one of the audience in the Snowy Mountains in 1971, who turned up with your portable kerosene heater to see some ‘modern’ dance, you were participating in Sydney Dance Company’s mission to grow the audience for ‘new’. If you came to Kinsela’s nightclub in the mid-80s, and saw the all-dancing, all-singing Sydney Dance Company you were seeing our commitment to taking a risk. If you came to see Sydney Dance Company not knowing what to expect then you were in the right place.

And if you’re a current audience participant you are now seeing one of the most acclaimed contemporary dance companies in the world. You’re a central part of our story and our shared history.

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