5 things you may not know about Lyrical Teacher Dale Pope!


30 January 2014

Dale teaches Lyrical Elementary/Intermediate on Monday nights at 6.30pm. Check out our Lyrical timetable here.

Dale is a lyrical teacher at Sydney Dance Company, has taught for RAD Summer Schools nationally and internationally and when in Sydney guest teaches at several full time performing arts courses. Her performing career includes performances for Queen Elizabeth, Prince Phillip, the King and Queen of Sweden, Kylie Minogue, Marcia Hines, K.D. Lang, appearing in Mao’s Last Dancer and numerous stage and  television events.

Dale is Founder and Director of REDed (Raw Energy Dance Education) delivering premier educational dance programs to primary and high schools across NSW and is currently producing the RED Dance DVD Series.

Dale is choreographer to Bindi Irwin, choreographing Bindi and the Crocmen DVDs and more recently Bindi and the Jungle Girls. Dale also choreographs for Australian Girls Choir (of Qantas Ad fame) and has toured internationally 5 times with her work being seen in New York, LA, Paris, London, Rome, Prague and at the Sydney Opera House too. Choreography for live, film and tv includes: Oprah Winfrey Ultimate Adventure Down Under, ABCs Dance Academy Series 2, Cadbury Bubbly, Smarties (8 Colours of Fun), Australian Dance Festival, along with advising on numerous print shoots.

5 things you may not know about Dale!

She first saw Sydney Dance Company perform on TV in New Zealand when she was 14 and decided she wanted to work for them one day

She eat only nuts, seeds, fruit and veggies – raw foodist!

She owns a red vintage push bike

Her great grandma Pearl played piano for the silent movies

She learnt piano to Grade 8

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