5 things you never knew about Jayden


18 March 2015

5 things you may not know about Hip Hop teacher Jayden!

I’m a massive nerd. I’m obsessed with Star Wars & Comic books.

I really hate looking at feet – especially dancer’s feet. So when you’re in my class please wear shoes (haha).

If I go overseas I always have to visit a Hard Rock Cafe in that city and purchase a Hard Rock T-Shirt. I now own 30 Hard Rock shirts that are the same but with a different city written on each of them.

I love disco music. If you ever hear Boogie Wonderland by Earth, Wind & Fire blasting out of a car window when you’re cruising down Parramatta Road, it’s probably me.

I enjoy shopping at IKEA.

Jayden was a contestant on X-Factor in a boy band! Jayden is technically trained in F.A.T.D. jazz syllabus as a qualified dance teacher. He has experienced a diverse television career, including appearances on Home & Away, Mornings with Kerri Anne, Channel 7’s Sunrise and Nickelodeon’s Kids Choice Awards. Jayden has also had acting roles in TV movies including The Informant which aired on Channel 9 and the TV Series Crime Investigation Australia. Jayden was also a special guest dancer on the TV series Dance Academy on ABC3 and has performed as one of Cassie Davis’ back-up dancers on So You Think You Can Dance.

Try a class with Jayden: Beginners Hip Hop Sundays at 1pm.

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