#34: Brolga (1973)


9 October 2019

In the early 70s, David Gulpilil came to prominence as one of the most renowned Aboriginal dancers and actors of his generation. Following his celebrated appearance in Nicholas Roeg’s film Walkabout, the young Yolngu man collaborated with The Dance Company (NSW) and Roslyn Watson, an Aboriginal graduate from the Australian Ballet School, to present Brolga: a contemporary work of cultural storytelling.

David Gulpilil in Nicolas Roeg’s ‘Walkabout’


Fuelled by a shared passion to promote Aboriginal dance, Company Brolga was born. Comprising of Gulpilil, Watson, and two non-Indigenous dancers – Trevor Malouf and Emil Richardson – the group embarked on a successful tour throughout New South Wales, with the production proving to be an important educational experience for non-Indigenous students and an authentic display of First Nations culture.

Roslyn Watson

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