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Crazy Times Resources

“Imagination is the source of all human achievement” – Sir Ken Robinson

Crazy Times doesn’t present the audience with a specific narrative or story to follow. It presents an opportunity for audiences to be creative and imagine their own world, with their own ideas, themes and relationships, stimulated by the dancers, movement, objects, light and music. It asks audiences to participate in theatre and creativity in a way that challenges what they expect to experience and requires them to be an important part of making and interpreting art. Whether audiences see the evolution of a new species, Aliens landing from outer space or something completely different, Crazy Times acts as a vehicle through which individuals can reflect and respond to the work, stimulating independent imaginative thinking beyond the theatre through thought, storytelling, communication and dance.

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This project is supported by Fondation d’entreprise Hermès and has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body.


In Crazy Times Antony Hamilton gives us, the audience, the opportunity to find our own meaning and take our own journey through the performance. From a simple starting point of black and white costuming, a set of familiar geometric shapes and mechanical or robot like movement, we can build stories and find connections.

As a choreographer, Antony Hamilton is interested in exploring how humans relate to the built environment around them. As humans, we construct worlds out of materials and objects. We also create stories and narratives around these things. Traffic lights are an example of this. These are constructed elements in our environment, but red meaning stop and green meaning go are the narrative that we, as humans, have invented. Red and green don’t really mean anything on their own in nature

Antony is interested in how and where the natural environment collides with what we believe to be artificial – what we think is natural in our world and what we think is not. He explores this idea through movement and imagery that is both biological and mechanical. He likes to challenge audiences by developing robotic and mechanical movement, stripping away the idea of what it is to be human.

In Crazy Times the dancers move and manipulate four giant shapes that create different images and change the colour, mood and pace of the world that is being created. What pictures do you see and what stories can you imagine?

These activities provide teachers with a range of ideas to incorporate into your programs, designed for Years 3-6. We have suggested some related curriculum links, however, you may find additional connections relating to your already established programs. You could follow the plans as outlined, or take elements of a few different activities and generate something new.

Sydney Dance Company and Co3 would love to hear feedback on the activities and how you’ve used them or suggestions for further inclusions, please contact us at education@sydneydancecompany.com to share your thoughts.

Activity Title Supporting Resource Dance PDHPE Maths Science English Visual Arts
Making Dance – Exploring Actions (Version One) Interview with Choreographer x x        
Making Dance – Exploring Actions (Version Two) Interview with Choreographer x x        
Making Dance – Exploring Shapes and Objects Interview with Choreographer x x        
Performing Dance – Learn The Moves Learn the Moves Video Link x x        
Appreciating Dance – Write  a Review, News Reporter Interview with Choreographer x       x  
Mathematics and Dance – Perimeter Crazy Times Nets     x      
Mathematics and Dance – Perimeter Dance Crazy Times Nets x x x      
Mathematics and Dance – Area Crazy Times Nets            
Mathematics and Dance – Area Dance Crazy Times Nets x x x      
Mathematics and Dance – Volume Crazy Times Nets     x      
Mathematics and Dance – Volume Trio Dance Crazy Times Nets x x x      
Physics and Dance – Push, Pull, Friction… Exploring the movement of a cylinder- Video Link x x   x    
Creative Writing – Build Your Own Story x       x  
Creative Writing – Imagine Your Own Story x       x  
Making Art – Exploring Patterns and Costume Design Crazy Times Costume Template           x
Crazy Times Costume Sketches
Interview With Costume Designer
Making Arts – Exploring Colour Interview with Lighting Designer x
Additional Activities and Resources
Would you rather be a choreographer or composer? A video with Choreographer Antony Hamilton and Composer Julian Hamilton discussing their jobs and what is involved. Offers greater insight into the roles of choreographer and Composer. Keep an eye on the Sydney Opera House Facebook page for more videos here (coming soon).
From small-town Spain to head of Sydney Dance Company: Rafael Bonachela’s First Day A video interview with Sydney Dance Company’s Artistic Director Rafael Bonachela. Rafael shares his story about how he started dancing as a child in Spain and his arrival in Australia. Produced by SBS News as part of their First Day series.
Crazy Colouring Times (Version 1)Crazy Colouring Times (Version 2) Bring the Crazy Times logo dancers to life with your favourite colours. A great mindful colouring activity for children and adults to enjoy together.
Crazy Times Trailer A 15 second video to introduce your students to Crazy Times.


This project is supported by Fondation d’entreprise Hermès and has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body.



Led by Choreographer, Antony Hamilton a team of artists including  Dancers, Composer, Costume Designer, Dramaturge and Lighting and Set Designer worked collaboratively to produce Crazy Times. You can read some of their insights into their thoughts and processes in the interviews with each creative team member. You can also read more on their experiences and careers in each of their biographies linked below.

Creative Team Interviews

To read interviews with all the members of the creative team on our blog click here. You can also download a PDF version of each interview at the end of each blog post.

Artistic Team Biographies:

Choreographer, Antony Hamilton

Composer, Julian Hamilton

Dramaturge, Matthew Whittet

Costume Designer, Paula Levis

Crazy Times Dancer Biographies:

Isaac Di Natale

Katherine Gurr

Mitch Harvey

Viola Iida

Fiona Jopp

Simon Plant

Russell Thorpe

Ella-Rose Trew

Zoe Wozniak