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Nelson Earl PPY Graduate

Nelson Earl: PPY Graduate to Helpmann Award Nominee

24 July 2018

Nelson Earl began his dance career with Sydney Dance Company as a Pre-Professional Year (PPY) dancer in 2015. The years since have been filled with tours, awards, and adventurous new ground. Nelson was offered a Traineeship with Sydney Dance Company in the final days of… Read more

Eliza Cooper

Discovering the malleability of dance with PPY alumnus Eliza Cooper

22 June 2018

Pre-Professional Year 2016 alumnus Eliza Cooper gives us an illuminating insight into her life as an independent dancer in Sydney, and tells us about the impact of the Pre-Professional Year on her developing dance career: “Sydney Dance Company’s Pre-Professional Year 2016 was a year of… Read more

Georgie Bailey

Georgie Bailey: PPY dancer to ‘ab [intra]’ understudy

15 June 2018

Pre-Professional Year dancer Georgie Bailey is getting ready to join the Company as a trainee for the Darwin and Perth tour of ab [intra]. Read Georgie’s thoughts on the role of an understudy.  “Currently in my second year with Sydney Dance Company’s Pre-Professional Year, I was asked to understudy for Rafael… Read more

Jacinta Janik cropped

PPY18: Jacinta Janik

18 May 2018

For the first 2 weeks of term 2, we have been focusing on a choreographic development by guest artist Ashley Wright to be performed at our graduation season at Carriageworks in December. Ashley is incorporating elements of physical theatre that bring an extra layer to… Read more

Brianna Shahin PPY18

Brianna Shahin: early reflections

27 April 2018

As I sit here reflecting on my first term in PPY my mind goes back to week 7 with Vangelis Legakis. It was a time of frustration but also a time of immense persistence and self-discovery. The first couple days of were definitely the hardest,… Read more

Eugenie English PPY18

PPY18: Eugenie English

16 March 2018

As the one in the position of learning, I want to be asked questions and I want to ask questions. I want to know why we do the things we do, rather than just simply do them. I began my year with one intention –… Read more

Isaac Clarke #SDCPPY18

Isaac Clarke: My First Week at PPY

27 February 2018

Isaac Clarke joined Sydney Dance Company’s Pre-Professional Year (PPY) in 2018. The first few weeks of the program have been full of intensive learning and he has been thriving on the hard work and opportunity to learn from some well known and established choreographers. Isaac… Read more

Mason Peronchik_PPY_170511_396_hires_byPedroGreig copy

PPY17 Body Shots Gallery

08 December 2017

After 12 months of hard work and dedication, Sydney Dance Company’s Pre-Professional Year dancers are ready to take to the stage for their graduation performance. At PPY17 Revealed, 24 young dancers will display their talent and incredible achievements, performing work by pre-eminent local and international… Read more


Freedom to Fail: Reflections from PPY17 Student Lilly Smith

19 October 2017

By Lilly Smith My understanding of PPY was as a prestigious and challenging year that would help propel me into the dance industry. I wanted to learn from a variety of industry professionals and receive as much information as I could to prepare myself for… Read more