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Bianca Spender on designing for dance

09 April 2019

For his brand new work Cinco, choreographer Rafael Bonachela melds five virtuosic dancers with the delicate beauty of Bianca Spender’s costumes. Inspired by the soaring sounds of Alberto Ginastera’s String Quartet No.2, the costumes range in colour from dusk to dawn and incorporate elements of twisted beauty. We… Read more


How the number five inspired Rafael Bonachela’s Cinco

19 March 2019

For Cinco, Rafael Bonachela‘s brand new work, the choreographer has turned to the world of numbers and mathematics for inspiration. Coincidentally, the number five has taken centre stage. The work features five dancers to perform all five movements of a string quartet composed in the 1950s. Not to mention, it’s… Read more

Neon Aether

Between clouds and future nostalgia: Gabrielle Nankivell’s Neon Aether

13 March 2019

Choreographer Gabrielle Nankivell’s brand new work Neon Aether is an ode to the burning intangibles that fuel our imagination. Referencing science fiction to interstellar clouds and the possibilities beyond, Neon Aether takes the audience on a journey through six episodes of the body ascending in space. The title describes this vision… Read more

DImitri K

Meet new Company dancer Dimitri Kleioris

11 March 2019

From performing the lead role in An American in Paris on Broadway (US), to Death in Venice with Opera Australia, and appearing as a series regular in the US TV series, Flesh & Bone and in the film High Strung: Free Dance, Company dancer Dimitri shares his… Read more

Clark and Melanie Lane

“If in doubt, bang out a techno track”: Clark talks composing for WOOF

05 March 2019

British producer Clark (Warp Records) has been a vanguard figure in electronic music for nearly twenty years. Less known is his work with contemporary dance and his creative partnership with choreographer Melanie Lane. His latest project with Melanie involves creating an original composition for WOOF. We chatted to him about… Read more


Sensuality, collective power & belonging: Melanie Lane’s WOOF

28 February 2019

An instant smash-hit when it premiered in New Breed 2017, Melanie Lane‘s WOOF makes a grand return to the stage as part of our 50th Anniversary triple bill this March. Taking inspiration from classical dance, Renaissance art and pop culture, WOOF imagines a future fantasy of a post-human collective spirit. We talked to… Read more

Riley in Cinco

Meet new Company dancer Riley Fitzgerald

26 February 2019

From basketball and football to professional dancer, new Company dancer Riley Fitzgerald tells us what inspires him and what he’s most looking forward to this year. Q. How old were you when you started dancing? I started dancing at the age of 10 through serendipity. I happened… Read more


New Company dancer Mia Thompson

20 February 2019

After three years performing as a First Artist at the Scottish Ballet, we’re thrilled to have Australian dancer Mia Thompson joining the Company. Here is a little insight from Mia on what inspires her, what she’s most looking forward to in 2019, and her thoughts on transitioning from… Read more

Reina Takeuchi_blog

Reina Takeuchi: My first week in PPY 2019

19 February 2019

Reina Takeuchi joined Sydney Dance Company’s Pre-Professional Year (PPY) in 2019. The first week of the program has been filled with intensive learning, granting her a fresh perspective on her own dance practice. Reina gave us some insight into the start of the PPY year: “I had a recurring… Read more