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Rafael Bonachela: Season 2018

20 November 2017

Programming the perfect mix of new and exciting repertoire with the return of breathtaking award-winning favourites is not an easy task. Careful consideration is given to orchestrating a season to please any tastes and expectations. Sydney Dance Company Artistic Director Rafael Bonachela gives us a… Read more

New Breed

Cass Mortimer Eipper: New Breed Choreographer Spotlight

20 November 2017

Cass Mortimer Eipper and Nelson Earl have teamed up to create one piece for New Breed 2017. Here Cass provides an insight into his process and what we might expect from the audience. How would you describe the music for your piece? It is a dark and… Read more

New Breed

New Breed Choreographer Spotlight: Tyrone Robinson

13 November 2017

New Breed 2017 choreographer Tyrone Robinson will explore intimacy, connection and raw emotion with his work, created for the Sydney Dance Company dancers and premiering at Carriageworks this year. 1. How would you describe the music for your piece? At the moment I’m working with… Read more

New Breed

New Breed Choreographer Spotlight: Melanie Lane

06 November 2017

New Breed 2017 choreographer Melanie Lane has a collaborative approach to choreography, relishing the opportunity for a work to evolve around the participants. Here Melanie discusses her approach to working with Sydney Dance Company. 1. How would you describe the music for your piece? The music will be… Read more


Simon Turner, Career #2: from Dancer to Stage Manager

01 November 2017

There comes a point for most dancers where returning to the stage is either no longer desirable or no longer physically possible. Long, irregular hours, continuous touring, ageing bodies all take their toll. Simon Turner Sydney Dance Company’s Stage Manager made the transition from on-stage… Read more

New Breed

New Breed Choreographer Spotlight: Petros Treklis

30 October 2017

Petros Treklis first danced with Sydney Dance Company in 2014 in Louder Than Words. More recently he has turned his attention to choreography, and is one of five next generation dance creators featured in New Breed 2017 this November/December. 1. How would you describe the music for… Read more


Freedom to Fail: Reflections from PPY17 Student Lilly Smith

19 October 2017

By Lilly Smith My understanding of PPY was as a prestigious and challenging year that would help propel me into the dance industry. I wanted to learn from a variety of industry professionals and receive as much information as I could to prepare myself for… Read more


Dancer Origins

11 October 2017

Discover the stories behind the artists who perform on the Sydney Dance Company stage through four short films. Each dancer brings their story, their identity to every performance. See where their journey has taken them. Dancer Origins Ep 1: How we Started To Dance From first… Read more


Behind the Production Elements of ‘2 One Another’

25 September 2017

“The intention of the production design of 2 One Another is to frame the action, while my intention as costume designer is to get out of the way of that action while simultaneously dressing it.” (Tony Assness) We had a brief chat with Production Designer… Read more

2OA In Rehearsals

Inside the Music and Poetry for ‘2 One Another’

19 September 2017

The score in 2 One Another is a journey in four movements, exploring the different emotive qualities that can surface when we relate to one another. It brings together a range of existing music with original composition by Nick Wales and the poetic phrases by Samuel… Read more