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Patricia Wood with students

Education Workshop Tour: On the Road with Teaching Artist Patricia Wood

25 July 2017

Our professional teaching artists tour alongside the Company, bringing education workshops to schools and communities around Australia. In this interview, Teaching Artist Patricia Wood discusses her role, from observing the Company in rehearsal to teaching primary students repertoire and instilling them with confidence and creativity.… Read more

Linda Gamblin

Q&A with Pre-Professional Year Course Director Linda Gamblin

20 July 2017

In this Q&A, Pre-Professional Year Course Director Linda Gamblin discusses the importance of contemporary dance and what she looks for when auditioning students. Why are you so passionate about contemporary dance? I believe we need contemporary art to communicate and express ideas, hopes and frustrations,… Read more

PPY Dancer Brielle de Thomasis

Pre-Professional Year: Cultivating a Beginner’s Mind

13 July 2017

BY BRIELLE DE THOMASIS Before I began the Pre-Professional Year course, I wasn’t expecting to be so immersed in not only the physical aspects of moving but also the mental and emotional practices. This holistic approach has opened my mind to the endless possibilities that come with… Read more

Philippe Klaus accompanies Ballet class

Interview with accompanist Philippe Klaus

13 July 2017

Did you know that our Level 1, 2 and 3 Ballet students enjoy live accompaniment in class? Working with live music helps dancers develop their musicality and artistry. We talk to pianist Philippe Klaus about how he began accompanying Ballet class and the challenges of… Read more

video camera

Our Favourite Dance Music Videos

27 June 2017

These school holidays, we’re offering a NEW Dance Music Video Workshop for students from 12 – 16 years. To inspire young creatives, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite dance music videos, from Michael Jackson to Taylor Swift. What music videos would make it into your top… Read more

Natalie Ayton leads a dance workshop

Interview with Natalie Ayton

15 June 2017

For the first time, our popular School Holiday Workshops will cater for beginner dancers from 5 – 16 years. Natalie is one of the incredible teachers who will introduce young dancers to movement and encourage them to explore their own creativity. Natalie is an internationally… Read more

Theatre Jazz class

Daniel Dolling’s Musical Theatre Picks

31 May 2017

Our Theatre Jazz Teacher Daniel Dolling has curated a list of his favourite musical theatre routines of all time. He also shares his advice for students watching musical theatre who want to improve their own dancing. Daniel’s picks ‘I Hope I Get It’ from A Chorus Line… Read more