2018 International Tour

19 January — 21 April 2018


In January 2018, the Company toured to the prestigious Festival Internacional Santiago a Mil, performing at the Cultural Centre CA660 Itaú CorpBanca in Santiago, Chile, presenting Rafael Bonachela’s award winning Frame of Mind and Lux Tenebris.

In April, the Company undertook a European Spring Tour of the exhilarating triple bill of Rafael Bonachela’s Lux Tenebris, Cheng Tsung-lung’s Full Moon and Gabrielle Nankivell’s Wildebeest, with Sydney Dance Company’s first ever performances at Théâtre National de la Danse Chaillot, Paris. The Company also performed at the Belgrade Dance Festival in Serbia, at Cankarjev Dom Cultural and Congress Centre in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and in Germany at the Movimentos Festival, Wolfsburg.

Sydney Dance Company received grant funding for the 2018 South American Tour from the Council on Australian Latin America Relations of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.



In Serbia, Slovenia and Paris, the Company performed Lux Tenebris, Full Moon and Wildebeest:

Belgrade Dance Festival
Serbian National Theatre, Novisad
3 April 8pm

Sava Center, 15th Belgrade Dance Festival & Dance Council of Serbia,

4 April 8pm

Gallus Hall, Cankarjev dom, Cultural and Congress Centre, Ljubljana
Sat 7 April, 7.30pm

Théâtre National de Chaillot, Paris
11-13 April 2018

In Germany the Company performed Lux TenebrisFrame of Mind and Wildebeest:

Movimentos Festival
Autostadt, Wolfsburg 

19 – 21 April at 8pm,
22 April at 6pm
21 April 11.30am

In South America, the Company performed Frame of Mind and Lux Tenebris:

Festival Internacional Santiago a Mil, performing at the Cultural Centre CA660 Itaú CorpBanca in Santiago
19 – 21 January 2018

Bogota, performing at Teatro Mayor, Julio Mario Santo Domingo
26 -27 January


Lux Tenebris
Choreography: Rafael Bonachela
Nick Wales
Lighting Design: Benjamin Cisterne

Frame of Mind
Choreography: Rafael Bonachela
Designer: Ralph Myers
Costume Design Realisation: Aleisa Jelbart
Lighting Designer: Benjamin Cisterne
Music: Original compositions by Bryce Dessner in a recording by the Kronos Quartet
Dramaturgical Consultant: Samuel Webster

Full Moon
Choreographer Cheng Tsung-lung
Composer Lim Giong
Lighting Damien Cooper
Costumes Fan Huaichih

 Gabrielle Nankivell
Costume Designer: Fiona Holley
Sound Designer & Composer: Luke Smiles, motion laboratories
Lighting Designer: Benjamin Cisterne


Lux Tenebris

★★★★ Utterly mesmerising”– The Guardian

★★★★★ The dancing is astonishing!” – ArtsHub

“★★★★½ A winning combination that, on the one hand provokes and entertains, and on the other confronts and moves its audience in a dazzling evening of dance.” – Limelight Magazine

Frame Of Mind

“★★★★…Bonachela’s Frame of Mind delivers an emotionally engaging and overarching choreographic mastery…electric” – Daily Review

“★★★★ 1/2” – The Age

“Frame of Mind delivers captivating scores, wonderful choreography and dance fuelled with emotion..” – ABC Arts

“Frame of Mind drills a hole into your heart and brain and makes you leak emotion in that sneaky, visceral way only dance can do.” – Concrete Playground Sydney

Full Moon

“In Cheng Tsung-lung’s luminous Full Moon there is a profound sense of eternal motion, and not only because Cheng’s piece has thrilling eruptions of speed and full-bodied swirls. There is vivid life even in moments of what appears to be complete stillness.” – The Australian

“It’s a splendid feast for eyes and ears with Fan Huai-chih’s gorgeously flowing costumes, Lim Giong’s gleaming commissioned score and Cooper’s magical lighting.” – The Australian

“World class and deserves a place in permanent repertoire . . . an experience as enjoyable and enigmatic as the full moon.” – Daily Telegraph


“Nankivell sees beauty and wonder in the primitive, animalistic self, even with danger as a constant companion. Every molecule of the body is vibrantly alert, a state brilliantly captured by Bernhard Knauer at the beginning of Wildebeest and Janessa Dufty at the end” – The Australian

“★★★★ Every time you might think the Sydney Dance Company performers have reached their peak, they push their abilities up another notch” – Sydney Morning Herald

“The standing ovation was testament to the dancer’s skill and beauty of movement and its power to move, entrance and transport the viewer to something less ordinary.” – Daily Telegraph

“The dancers move their incredible bodies in such a way that one forgets they are human.” – The Plus Ones