Markella Manoliadi

Assistant Choreographer, Parenthesis

Born in Athens, Markella Manoliadi graduated from the Greek State School of Dance in 2002. Markella has trained with Trisha Brown, Steve Paxton, Julien Hamilton, W. Vandekeybus, R. Morisson and D. Zabrano.

In Greece, she has danced with several companies including Wrong Movement, Quasistella, Apotosoma, Amorphy, Landscape, Default, Smack, A. Stellatou and P. Stamatopoulou Dance Company, touring extensively around Europe.

Since 2008 Markella has worked as a dancer and assistant choreographer with Oktana Dancetheatre and Andonis Foniadakis’ dance company Apotosoma.

In September 2004, she was the assistant choreographer for the 12th Paralympic Games opening ceremony at the Olympic Stadium of Athens.

Markella is a teacher at the Greek State School of Dance and The Duncan Center. Through her involvement with Wrong Movement Company she teaches and works with disabled dancers. She also specialises in teaching contact improvisation and provides lessons in release technique in Greece and Europe.