James Brown

Composer, New Breed 2015

James Brown is a Sydney based composer and sound designer. He has worked collaboratively with companies both locally and internationally to produce soundtracks for performance, film, animation and games.

His featured works include: Jane Campion’s Top of The Lake (2013); Matthew Day’s INTERMISSION (2012), Cannibal (2011) and Thousands(2010); Victoria Hunt’s Copper Promises (2012); SOIT (Belgium) Messiah Run (2011), Café Prukel (2010), We Was Them (2009); SPG’s HOMELANDS (2011), NO-MADS (2008), Settlement (2007); The Australian Ballet’s Scope (2011); POST Who’s the Best? (2011); Karen Therese’s The Riot Act (2009); The Football Diaries (2009); Phantom Limbs’ The Memory Progressive (2010); Rosie Dennis Worlds Apart (2011); Nalina Wait’s Dual (2008), The Empty Centre (2011), Choreomania (2011); Aisthesis (2009), The Lotus Eaters (2008); The Whale Chorus (2008), A Loving Captive (2008) and Old Feed (2007).

James has a Masters of Audio Design and Digital Media, Sydney University (2006-2007), a Bachelor of Media Arts, Sydney College of the Arts, Sydney University (2002-2005).